~miyu crazy mind~ part 3 (continue eng)


“Yes, you guess what?” he asked in return.
“Nothing.” Minho answered quickly.

“Come quickly. We do not have much time. You do not want to see your new sister?” invite him as he walked toward the door.
“Eh? New sister?”
“Seems not bad to try. Come on!” Key Taemin stood holding hands, and took off his apron.
“Come.” Jonghyun stand follows 2 members who have first stood.
“Well, this would not be bad. He was a teenager.” Onew resolve in his heart to follow in the footsteps of other members. “Come on, Minho.”
“Yes. No need to change clothes?” Minho asked, slightly confused.
“Do not have to, haha .. come on.” Onew said. then they went away, leaving the apartment that morning.

in the car ..

“Where would we? School?”
“How old he is? What she beautiful?”
“Diligent” or our fans? ”
all member wondered about how the characteristics of ‘new sister’ them.

“‘ll See. You’ll be more surprised than at this time. she’s fantastic!”said the man was filled with mysterious tones that make members passionately anxious to see the ‘new sister; them.

finally a car stopped at a fancy school ….

forward to the next episode .. 😀

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