~miyu crazy mind~ part 2 (continue eng)


“Oh, annyeong haseyo!” Taemin answered a little surprised by his visitor that morning.
“Where else?” he goes straight into the room ahead Taemin still dazed at the door.

“Annyeong Haseyo, kids!” he said in a tone half-shouted.
“Eh? Annyeong haseyo, who are you?” Key asked as he stuck his head.
“Let’s all come together. We do not have much time.” he was instructing its members to quickly create a circle in front of him.

“What, exactly?” asked Onew represent the confusion of his friends.
“I do not want to linger with this morning. Yunhanam you still remember?” asked the man to the point.

“Of course. What we’ll do it again?” Jonghyun excited this time.
“Is not. You will take care of someone.” clearly the man.
“Eh? Hello baby again?” Onew asked with a bit of a sad face.
“Is not. A teenager.” clarify the man again.

“WHAT?” The fifth member is made shock.
“Yes. A teenager. Fun, right?” he asked, lightly.
“F-u-n? Ye ye ..” one of them replied with a tone of forced.
“Ok, now let’s quickly met with her!” with whom he stares regardless of the member who was still confused.

“This is real?” Taemin still be shocked by the morning’s guest.
“Yes, of course.” the man replied, taking out a paper. of KBS.
“KBS? This event KBS?” Minho asked who had been silent.

well., i’ll continue this part again ^^

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