~miyu crazy mind~ part 1 !

i’ll post this fan fiction with 2 language 😀

in the middle of my crazy mind..

notice: this story was made when I’m mad, frustrated, depressed, not eating or hunger, and diseases of other madness. one more, this story is the story of love-love to me.

“Umma! Open the door!” shouted Onew being brushed his teeth.
“What you did not know I was cooking? Aegyo, open the door!” Key told Jonghyun to open the door.

“Maknae! Open the door!” Jonghyun throwing duties on Taemin which still hugged the pillow.
“Minho hyung ..! ..” Taemin call lazy.
“No no no! You maknae, you who open the door!” Jonghyun insisted Taemin ordered to open the door.

“I’m lazy, hyung!” Taemin complain.
“Maknae Taeminnie!” Key yelled from the kitchen.
“Allright, allright. I’m an open door, Umma!” Taemin shouted, throwing the pillow at Jonghyun who was holding back laughter.

“See what happens, the oldest will get his reward.” Taemin threatens to face sucks.
“But I’m not the oldest, Taemin!” Jonghyun said, reminded him.
“Whatever!” Taemin scowled as he walked toward the door.

“Annyeong Haseyo!” said a man with two cameramen in tow.

who is he? I’ll continue it some time later.

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