~miyu crazy mind~ part 4 (eng sub)

hooaaahm .. here is 2:15 am (: I’m so sleepy but continue Want to make a ep.:)

“Wow? Was here, she went to school? “asked Taemin with awe tone.

“Yes, of course. he’s a smart kid, rich, and only child. so do not be surprised when found she liked stubborn, or spoiled. you have to understand that, especially you, almighty key. we do not want you to make trouble with her. “he explained at length as they got out of the car.

“Yes, I understand.” Key said lightly. as though he could face a thousand people inherently seem.

on the front page was already crowded schools in
kerubungi by the students who screamed hysterically because they were stopped by the school idol. the members simply waved and smiled at the abundance of their teenage fans.

“Haha .. I can not wait to meet her. whether she is a girl who was in the mass collection? who are screaming at us? “Jonghyun smiles with his own words.

“You do this, start crazy. I hope he will be fun:) “Onew Jonghyun said words.

“Yes, I hope so.” Jonghyun said do not disconnect the killer smile.

“I believe I can establish a good relationship with her:)” said Taemin steadily, making the hyung turned to him.

“Do you mean? you can do better than me? “Jonghyun asked, raising her eyes.

“Haha .. maybe. Our age is not far adrift. only 3-2 years. It did not make a lot of trouble. I’m going to be a friend of his, not his hyung:) haha “Taemin showing his face confidence.

“Never mind, you’re with it, taeminnie!” Key said that was adjacent to drag Taemin Minho to the next.

“Hey, he’s coming!” Minho said suddenly.

from the opposite direction there are 2 men who are trying to persuade a girl with long hair, gold, glittery. her tiny, cute. her stature was small, but it looks dodgy. exotic.

“We have to license from Mr., Ms..” One of the men drag the girl said.

“Where might you allowed to draw my kind of wild dog like this?! what you do not see eye I have a complete and functioning properly? I still have a healthy leg, and all are healthy. why do not you let me own way? huh?! “exotic girl was yelling about to release the two men’s hands.

“Is that him?” Taemin asked cautiously, whispered Key-ki who still regard her closely.

before Taemin questions answered by Key, the girl had reached before them with that look ominous. and unpleasant situations as well.

“Nah, this is it. Jane, introduce yourself. “Says the man who turned out to PD’s.

“Jane. 16. born in Sidney, 23 December 1995 was forced to say I’m pleased to meet you. “she said with a tone and look very unfriendly.

“Yee .. we’re Shining-imnida shine. very pleased to say we were pleased to meet you, Jane. “says they are a bit haltingly. and smiled with the sweetest smile.

“OK, Jane. you already know what this event, is not it? “PD was asked with a smile painted on his face.

“Yes, I will stay with them for some time that I do not know when to end, and obey those who are as my new brother. I understand. “she replied curtly.

“Well, very well. because you know they’ll be your brother, why do not you give a smile or a greeting from a sister to her brother? “pleaded the PD it, make members a little nervous about what made them a fierce new sister.

“Annyeong Haseyo, Oppa ^^!!” hue said Jane with a full face smile and a soothing wave of her heart. little jump with Jane’s attitude changes, the members smiled and suddenly Taemin forward, shuffle a little Jane’s golden hair. then smiled, said.,

“Annyeong Haseyo, Jane ^^!!” look very familiar when Jane smiled Taemin. all member immediately approached her and tried to be friendly to her, give greeting or just admire the beauty of his smile.

erratum, only one is still looking at it carefully, umma from SHINee almighty Key, still looks doubtful to say hello or give a special smile to Jane. in his mind was stretched how could Jane could quickly change the image? a secret that the minutes of that, Key wanted to be able to solve it.

What’s going on behind the image Jane’s fast-changing?

let’s check it out in the next episode:)

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