miyucrazymind~ part 5 (eng sub)

“So, where are you going before us?” Asked a direct Taemin close to her.

“New house! I want to see our new house! “said the teenager was with a happy face hue.

new home? we?

“Do you mean?” Key who had been silent, ask.

“Uh, so you’ll be in the new house that has prepared us for following this event.” PD obviously make members nodded in understanding.

“Yasudah, let’s go.” Invited Onew Jane’s hand is really on Taemin hand.

“Uh .. why did you take it from me, hyung? “asked Taemin, protest.

“Sssstt! my turn, Taeminnie! “replied Onew quickly, as he entered the car.

“Huh.” Taemin sullenly resentful, approached the Minho is still looking around.

“Minho hyung! let’s go! “said Taemin while holding hands Minho.

“Yes, yes. course. hey, where your new gebetan? not with you? “asked Minho glanced at Jane’s lyrics existence.

“He’s not my gebetan. and all this time, I also do not have gebetan, Minho hyung. “muttered Taemin while entering the car in which already exist Jane, Onew, and JongKey.

“Oh, of course. I know that, maknae. “answered Minho after knowing that Jane was in the side Onew.

“So, you know our house?” Asked Jonghyun to Jane.

“Of course., The house was a gift from my father when my birthday yesterday. 🙂 “Replied Jane, smiling.

“Oh yes? when are you birthday? “Onew enthusiasm.

“Just yesterday. you do not know? “said Jane Light. make members uncomfortable.

Jane’s birthday yesterday? staff why no one told her to us?

“Oh, of course. we know. “Jonghyun answered quickly.

“Oh yeah? I think you do not know. “Jane asked with a happy face.

“Of course we know. even we have prepared a special gift for you. “responsibility lies connecting Onew Jonghyun.

“Really? I want to see it! “said Jane impatiently.

“I can not. not yet time for you to see. ”

“Then when I could see it?”

“Oh, that’s the secret, Jane.”

“Oooh. never mind, this will be the most beautiful gift:) ”

“Uh., Yes, of course.” Onew and Jonghyun answered simultaneously. make other members laugh because they are in terms deceive.

“Nah, that’s!” Cried Jane suddenly.

in front of them now, clearly emblazoned 3 floors house with luxurious and impressive background exotic. his garden green stretches around the house. various types of plants grow there. circular small park in which there is a big swing, and the rest place that looks comfortable.

“Wow! it’s wonderful:) ”

“Oppa! look there! “Jane once again shouted, startled the members who were watching a spectacular new home. but not unexpectedly, a view which was appointed Jane more to make them stunned, to the point of tears flowed Key unnoticed by him.

what exactly is a view that makes Key’s tears?

find the answer in the next episode ^ ^!


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